Tammy, a native to Detroit and founder of Abiding Helper. When she’s not busy organizing something, you can find her practicing her yoga skills or playing with her two dogs, Lola and Lucy. Tammy is also a mother of three grown kids, so she understands how busy life can be.



Elianna is a resident of Detroit and a student at Wayne State University. She is an avid lover of food and her two dogs, Jasper and Ollie. When she’s not meticulously cleaning something, or studying, Elianna enjoys collecting wildflowers on hikes and listening to music.



Gabriella spends time hanging out in Detroit. She enjoys concerts and walking her dog, Sammy. Gabriella’s passions include cooking and photography. When she’s not cookin in the kitchen, you will most likely find her in her hammock at Belle Isle, eating some tasty treats.